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Why I'm Running for Boston City Council

As we all know, Allston-Brighton is undergoing a period of transformative change with unprecedented levels of new development. It is crucial at this moment to have elected representatives who are engaged and able to stand and work with residents, ensuring that these myriad developments enhance the diversity, accessibility, affordability, and health of our neighborhood.

I am running because Allston-Brighton residents deserve a city councilor who shares your vision for inclusive, economically and culturally diverse neighborhoods, with thriving small businesses in interesting business districts and streets that are safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

I am running because we need to do more to ensure our neighborhood remains affordable for families, young people, artists, and seniors. As your city councilor, I will advocate to increase the set-aside for affordable units in all new developments to 20% and work alongside residents to ensure a healthy mixture of owner-occupied homes and long-term rental units. By working together, we can preserve Allston-Brighton as a great place to have a home — whether as a renter or a homeowner — with housing options that are affordable for a range of income levels.

I am running because I know the quality of our schools impacts our ability to attract and retain families. As your city councilor, I will be a tireless advocate for improvements in all Boston Public Schools, enabling our students to achieve their full potential. I support universal pre-K for all Boston Public School students, as well as investment in after-school programs, art, and music classes.

I am running because we need to do more to build a green city that works to slow down the pace of climate change. As your city councilor, I will advocate for the preservation and creation of green space. By working together, we can build an integrated network of protected bicycle lanes, more energy efficient buildings, and a mass transit system that is the preferred mode for transit because it is reliable, efficient, and affordable.

These intentions are not just pie-in-the-sky ideas for the Allston-Brighton community and for Boston, our city that aspires to truly be world class. We can — and must — work together to harness the extraordinary wave of development in Allston-Brighton and ensure that these rapid changes and dense developments work for all our residents. We can make it happen.

This is why I am running to represent you on the Boston City Council. Allston-Brighton needs you to join the movement for a more equitable and just city — this wave of change will be the tide that lifts all our boats.

But I need your help. Join our team today! Please sign up as a volunteer, make a donation, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@Liz4AB), and tell your friends and family about our campaign.  



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